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The pastor and the 3 hawkers

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A Pastor stopped at a traffic light and three girls: Apple seller, bread seller and yam seller pulled by:

Pastor: Apple seller give me one quotation in the bible where Apple is mentioned before I buy.

Apple seller:- bible said you are the Apple of my eyes. good! said pastor I will buy N1000

Pastor: bread seller give me a bible quotation with bread and I’ll buy

Bread seller: Jesus said I am the bread of life

Pastor: let me buy N1000

Pastor: yam seller, I don’t think this game will favour you oh!

Yam seller: Ah Pastor, wetin you mean? What of “l yam that I yam”? Oga buy N1000 yam jor!😄😄😄🙀🙀🙀😝😝

If you were the pastor, what would you do/say?