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Akpors and the neighbor’s wife

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Akpors the popular street troublemaker went to his neighbor’s house one day to discuss a problem he claimed to be having. After hesitating for a while the neighbor let him speak and Akpors explained he was in great need of a remedy for his tooth problem.
AKPORS: I’m having a terrible toothache, I cannot eat or sleep, can you please help me?
NEIGHBOUR: Haa, Akpors, last week I had an even more terrible toothache than yours, I just kissed my wife and it went away, just like magic.
Akpors: Ahhh….really? just like that?
Neighbour: Yes oh my brother, you should try that method
Akpors: I totally agree, please, where is your wife? so we can start immediately!
Akpors is currently receiving treatment in the hospital for heavy injuries.

One word for Akpors this time?