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Joke: Management Skills – The cunning man way

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There are many ways to get things done and this father shows off his managements skills in a cunning man way. Consider this scenario and score his skills from A1 to F9.

Father : Son, you have to get married now, I have found a girl for you and she is perfect.
Son: Not possible
Father : Think twice, she is Bill Gates’ daughter.
Son: Fine, I’m ready.
( Father goes to Bill Gates )
Father: My son wants to marry your daughter
Bill Gates : Not possible
Father : Think twice, he is the CEO of Swiss Bank
Bill Gates : Okay, I’m ready
( Father goes to Swiss Bank Authorities )
Father : Make my son the CEO of your Bank
Authorities : Not possible
Father : Think twice, he is Bill Gates’ Son-in-law
Authorities : Ur Son’s job is confirmed!
This is called Management Skills the cunning man way.

What would you score this father?