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Akpors the bad teacher

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Akpors: Who is the minister of education?
Children: Mrs Dame Patience Jonathan
Akpors: Correct! Who is CBN governor?”
Children: Aliko Dangote
Akpors: Correct! Who is the minister for sports.
Children: Stephen keshi
Akpors: Correct! Who composed the national anthem of Nigeria
Children: Wizkid
Akpors: Correct! What is 2 + 5?
Children: 25
Akpors:- Correct! What is the capital of Nigeria?
Children: Aba
Akpors:. Correct! Who stopped the killing of twins?
Children: Psquare
Akpors: Correct! Who is the minister for women affairs?
Children: Genevieve Nnaji
Akpors: Correct! Who is d governor of Anambra state?
Children. “Baba Tunde Fashola”
Akpors: Correct! Good children! Clap for yourselves (children clas)
Akpors: Everything will remain like this until government increases my salary!!!

One word for Akpors this time around?

Money cannot waste

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You buy eggroll N150, I buy buns N15, boil one egg N30, all na N45… #MoneyCannotWaste.

You buy 5alive N250, I buy orange + mango + pineapple N80 own get natural nutrient.

Nepa cut ur light, U pay sharp sharp, I wait, climb d pole for night fix my wire back.

You buy milo, milk and sugar, I buy cowbell chocolate which already contains all d sugar.

You pay 5k go watch MI for show, I buy him cd N150, stay room play and sing along. #MoneyCannotWaste

U dey chop pop corn of N1000 for cinema and I dey chop ground nut of N20 cinema..shey our mouth dey move, movie dey show go! #MoneyCannotWaste

You buy red bull N300 to become active, I buy paraga N20, Am super active…mtcheww

You buy rosé (red wine), I buy zobo and add squaddy, all ną red wine…

Abi no be true? Add yours!