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Akpors and the strippers

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Akpors’ wife decided to give him a special treat by taking him to a strip club for his birthday. At the club the doorman said “Hi Akpors my guy, how are you?”
The surprised wife looked at Akpors suspiciously and asked “how on earth does he know your name? Have you been here before? ” Akpors said, “Oh no my dear, I play football with him.” When they got into the club the Barman shook Akpors’ hand and said “Akpors my guy, should I get you the usual?” Akpors quickly turned to his Wife and said “look dear, before you say anything, he’s the son of our football coach.” Just a minute later a stripper rushed up to Akpors, gave him a big hug and said “hello Akpors, do you want the special treatment today again?” By this time the wife decided she had heard enough and storms out dragging Akpors with her and jumps into a taxi still fuming with anger; before she could say where she wanted him to take them to the taxi driver turned and said, “Oga Akporssssss, this one wey you carry today worwor oh, shey na the normal hotel u wan go?”

Akpors is still under intensive care in the hospital due to the injury inflicted on him by his wife.

One word for Akpors this time around?